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  1. Pregnancy, diabetes, and any kind of heart problems prohibit the intake of the pill.
  2. Must be 18 yrs. of age better not over 50.
  3. Not advisable to take with other prescription drugs.
  4. Everyone is different and there will be varying results from person to person.


DermCare Appetite suppressant pills Phentermine

Package include 200 pills. 

Should be taken 1 pill in the morning. Not later than lunch hours to avoid trouble sleeping. The package is good for 6 months.

Phentermine reduces your appetite, so you feel less hungry and consume less calories. Reduced calorie intake lead to weight loss and fat burn. 

Phentermine should be taken with healthy diet plan and exercises for greater result.

Average weight loss with phentermine is 4 kg to 10 kg a month.

Its contraindicated for pregnant and lactating woman, children less than 12 years old, people with heart disorder, high blood pressure.

Side effect: dry mouth, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness. 

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