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Derm Care Clinic manufacture weight loss supplements, which can be prescribed by qualified doctors with at least 6 years of medical undergraduate and postgraduate education. Derm care clinic equipped with a wide range of supplements, such as appetite suppression, fat burning, drainage, detox, metabolism boost, etc., to help you lose weight safely and efficiently. 

What started out as Laboratory in 1995 is today a modern Derm Care Clinic with the best equipment for skin rejuvenation and slimming procedures,  serving over 500 patients daily. 

Derm Care clinic employs 15 full-time doctors and 12 part-time health professionals, along with 40 nurses and other staff members. 

Among its several specialties, Derm Care is especially well known for low-cost aesthetic treatments. Its Beauty Center offers services in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and weight control.

Derm Care clinics' Web site lists prices in US dollar amounts for a large number of individual procedures and treatment packages.